About Us

Family Relief Nursery is a nonprofit organization. We use Oregon’s nationally recognized Relief Nursery model to provide high-risk families with the intensive support they need for their children to grow up safe, healthy and ready for school.

Family Relief Nursery services are non-stigmatizing, voluntary, strengths-based, and culturally applicable.

The Relief Nursery program has an individualized plan for each child to help him or her thrive and each family become stable and connected. Our staff works with families to create and achieve appropriate early childhood benchmarks and healthy family functioning.

Children participate in therapeutic classrooms with low adult-child ratios, and families receive home visits and parent education that promote healthy parenting and child development.

Relief Nurseries serve the most challenged, vulnerable families in our state with a strength-based approach to child and family development. Relief Nursery families average 16 changeable risk factors. For example:

  • 84% of parents are currently experiencing high levels of stress;
  • 49% have a history of intimate partner violence (domestic violence);
  • 56% of parents have mental health problems

The majority of families using Relief Nursery services comprise of a single parent (94% are women) living in poverty and facing a myriad of challenges raising their children.

Research on early brain development has clearly documented that engaged, nurturing parenting supports the early attachment relationships that are critical to children’s development and school readiness; while harsh, disengaged, and unpredictable parenting is associated with child maltreatment and other negative outcomes like lower school achievement, lower employment as an adult, and increased incarceration. 

Family Relief Nursery designs each intervention program specific to the at-risk family’s needs.

First, families participate in an initial home visit to assess risk factors and immediate needs. Each enrolled family gets individualized goals and case management support with a social/emotional focus.

Family Relief Nursery provides parenting education, support through home visits and group activities.

Teachers and volunteers empower children, provide a safe, developmentally appropriate environment while keeping adult/child ratio low. Our therapeutic program is designed to both heal and prevent child abuse and neglect.

Family Relief Nursery keep children safe and families together

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